Update June 2015

It’s been a full year since I’ve posted here. I’m engaged in updating and improving this site, and getting some good help from my friend and colleague Isaac Mehl in doing so.
Since last year, I’ve had the honor of being requested to deliver quite a number of Keynote presentations, have been continuing my teaching and seminar work with Vistage and USD, and have begun a great relationship with All American Leadership – a great team with whom I look forward to learning a lot and doing some more work.
I also expect to get some great insights this summer when I attend Stanford University Graduate School of Business Ignite program – a 4 week in-residence certificate program on Entrepreneurship designed for veterans. I’ve already met a number of the other 32 veterans participating on line and this is an impressive group. One I actually have known since he was a midshipman at the Naval Academy.
And of course, I’ll be leading another NOLS Executive Leadership Expedition in the Wind River Mountains this summer – it’s full with a waiting list – and promises to be another great experience for all who participate.
Stay tuned – more exciting things coming to – Fifth Factor Leadership. Bob