Bob is a great speaker! He delivered an entertaining and insightful keynote presentation to our annual Global Sales and Management meeting of sales people and account managers from all over the world. We learned not only about Navy SEALS, and enjoyed some hair-raising stories from Bob’s own career, but he also shared with us the many ways that my independent account managers can learn from the leadership values and skill sets of Navy SEALs. Bob entertained, educated, and inspired us, and my account managers enjoyed learning that they are indeed the front-line commandos of TW Metals! Jack Elrod, CEO TW Metals

It was great to have Bob address and lead a discussion at our Rainforest Architects workshop on innovation in Silicon Valley. He is a skilled and engaging speaker and facilitator and led a discussion on ‘Comfort in Chaos.’ We learned how the SEALs prepare for the chaos of the battlefield, and how these processes can work for those of us trying to make a difference in the ‘battlefields’ of business. But he did more than speak; he integrated with our group, got involved, and demonstrated in his work with us a commitment to those same values and processes that he shared with us in his remarks. Greg Horowitt, Co-founder T2 Venture capital, and co-author The Rainforest – The Secret to Building the Next Silicon ValleyCEO, TWMetals

Bob’s expertise in leadership is based both on his experience as a Navy SEAL officer and on his scholarship as a faculty member of the Naval War College, Naval Academy, and at the University of San Diego. Our professional society is made up of social scientists and organizational consultants from around the world. We found his keynote address to our annual meeting engaging and profound, offering deep insights into what it takes for individuals and teams to be effective in complex, high risk situations. Ernest Frugé, Ph.D. – Executive Director, The International Society for the Psychoanalytic Study of Organizations

In our Returning Warrior Workshops for the military, Bob has been our premier presenter of the Code of the Warrior address. He has spoken at these workshops numerous times and has always captured the interest and imagination of his audience. Bob is a passionate and engaging speaker who combines his own experiences with a wide variety of resources into his remarks, from modern movies to stories from the Greek heroes of the Illiad and Odyssey. After hearing his speech several times, I asked him to present at the National Department of Defense Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program Conference for event coordinators to give other program professionals a clear example of what a well prepared and engaging presentation can look like. If you are looking for an engaging and energetic speaker, I would recommend Bob Schoultz without reservation! Mr. Glenn F. Welling, Jr. Executive Director Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Reserve Affairs.

As a Merrill Lynch Complex Director, I asked Bob to come in and help me and my dispersed team of branch managers evaluate how we could better work together and create a more integrated and connected team. Bob rightly assumed that the people in the room already knew how to do this, and he expertly and energetically elicited ideas from my team that gave us many options for how to improve our team processes. Bob is a great facilitator, and we thoroughly enjoyed this very productive process that mapped out some practical pathways for us to move forward. Lars Olson, CFP, Merrill Lynch

I am the CEO of a small, entrepreneurial company that has been in business for 7 years. As I have become more successful, my obstacles have become more complex. Managing resources is one of the most important aspects of a small business (or any business)—I can always count on Bob for the best solution at the best value. The breadth of his background, his insightful approach to problem solving, and the great return on investment I’ve gotten from him makes him my resource of choice when I need help.

Recently, I was helping a customer develop a Strategic Management Plan. We were not building a consensus on goals and objectives. I consulted with Bob. Bob immediately identified the base issue; there was a cultural clash between their entrepreneurial side and the established, hierarchal part of the organization. Bob provided me with several insightful options on how to proceed and build bridges. He also provided me with references from a broad spectrum of business literature that I was able to use to help the customer learn from the experience of other successful businesses and leaders. The service and attention he gave me was top notch and have helped me enormously in moving forward. I will continue to rely on Bob. Frank Bosia, CEO, Global Tactical Group, Inc.