So what’s new?

Last week, I was the guest speaker at the Naval Special Warfare SEAL Qualification Training graduation ceremony for class 297. After over 14 months for most, they are now qualified as Navy SEALs.  I gave the keynote remarks and then helped pin the tridents on the new SEALs.  Quite an honor – but I had no inflated sense of the importance of my remarks.  I knew that the young, newly minted SEALs just wanted to graduate and celebrate, so my remarks spoke mostly to their parents and guests!

I completed the SuperFrog Half Ironman and published blog essay “Self Talk – Just Keep Going.”  A link to it is included in ‘What I’ve Written’ on this site.

I was notified that an interview and some other footage of me was included in a French television travel program about Coronado that aired in France last week.  It can be viewed here , and the interview and sections with me in them begin at 11:15 and 13:17 in the program.

Next week, I go to Lander Wyoming to attend the annual Advisory Council and Board of Trustees meeting for the National Outdoor Leadership School  (NOLS), and I’ll also be visiting my daughter who is interning there. When I return, I will be leading a workshop on leadership and team building for heads of Real Estate companies, and a few days later talking to a group of people in Carlsbad about the culture of the Navy SEALs.  These are busy, good times.