– CROSS CULTURAL ETHICS – This is an area that we address in the Global Business Ethics class I teach, with a focus on understanding how ‘ethics’ intersects with and differs from ‘cultural practices and behaviors.’   There is a tension between issues that violate fundamental human rights and internationally accepted values, and simple differences in cultural practices. AND there is no consensus on the difference between the two.   That is part of what makes this topic so interesting, and challenging.

I have also led workshops on this topic for warriors preparing for combat in countries with very different values than our own.  This is a specialty of mine.

– BUSINESS ETHICS and MILITARY ETHICS – I have done keynote presentations in both areas, exploring the truly challenging areas in both Business and Military Ethics.  In business ethics – what are the minimal ethical responsibilities of businesses to their communities and what are the areas, above minimal, that are expected of truly good corporate citizens.  In military ethics, there are similar challenges distinguishing between minimal and supererogatory actions – and the challenges normally revolve around how much risk to themselves or their mission must military members take to protect the lives and rights of non-combatants. I am also prepared to lead seminars and discussions on these topics.  Having taught both of these topics at the undergraduate and graduate levels, I am comfortable in the Socratic style that most adults prefer for learning.