My specialty is speaking to issues associated with the role of leadership in creating a great culture in an organization.  I also study and speak on organizational risk management, preparing an organization to be more agile and responsive to change, and to be more innovative and creative.  Additionally, I study and speak on developing character and more ethical behavior.   In all these areas, I bring my experience as a career SEAL officer to speak to the topics, as well as the enormous amount I’ve learned working in the private sector since leaving the Navy.


  1. Creating an Elite Corporate Culture
  2. Creating Buy-in and ownership – how to change your culture
  3. Creating a more innovative and creative culture
  4. Agility – preparing your team for chaos and disruption
  5. Risk Management and Safety – lessons learned from Navy SEALs
  6. How the best leaders lead – from behind
  7. Developing a Personal Ethos

I believe it is important to challenge accepted orthodoxy, and provoke looking at everyday situations from a different perspective.

I also belive it is important to entertain as well as edify.  I teach by story telling.  And then linking those stories to the challenges specific to the audience or to challenges we all face in living our lives in a busy and complex society.