I write a blog I call Bob’s Corner   where I post thoughts on subject matter ranging from ethics, to personal development to military leadership – whatever interests me that I think may interest someone else.  I’ve been writing these essays for over 7 years and titles and hot links to the essays are below.

General Topics

Military Topics


New Zealand – my recent adventure

D- Day: My visit to Normandy

200 years, or 200 days  Part 1

Stay Fascinated, my friends! 

Who Am I? Part 2 (Reality Check)

Who Am I?  A tool to help a team



Living Heroically (Part II)

Living Heroically

The One Thing

The Slap in the Face

What now? What’s next? The 2% Solution

Ignite! Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Stanford

On Being Naughty

Being Good or Living Well

On Hardship and Suffering

Leading from Behind

A Leadership Journey

The American Idea

A Bias for Bold Action

In Transition

The Fifth Factor

Lone Survivor… the movie

A Personal Ethos?

Self Talk – Just Keep Going

Unplugging to Plug in

How Ethics has become boring


What is it REALLY all about?

Innovation in the Rainforest?

Where Rattlesnakes wear Sombreros

Nature Deficit Disorder

In Praise of Mediocrity

Life-Balance – is it over-rated?


She’s Got Class

Asking the Right Questions

The Head and the Heart

The iPhone – Like a Moth to a Flame

Mountains of Humility

The Single Measure of Merit – Profits and Grades

The Tribal Ethic ‎ ‎

I am an American. What Does that Mean?

Professionalism and Passion

Ground Hog Day

Party for the Mind

Stoicism – The Good, the Bad, the Ugly

“Merry Christmas”

The Unseen Order of Things, or Unscrewing the Inscrutable

A Business Ethical Bridge Too Far?

TRUST – Mother Theresa and Machiavelli

What is Real?

On Heroes and Heroism

Scent of a Woman

Some Insights on Social Branding

10 Top Business Books


Is the SEAL Ethos still relevant?

A “special” Special Operation – at the conclusion of World War II

Fear…and the Warrior

Exploring the Ethics of Weaponized UAVs

Ethos Magazine Essay: On Becoming a (good) SEAL

Riding for the Brand

Reading about War

Quiet Professionals Part 2

The Fighter, The Fleet, the Family – a Fragile ménage a Trois

Heroism – Its Entitlements and Responsibilities

Act of Valor

Quiet Professionals in Naval Special Warfare

The Costs of War

Ethos or Mythos?

McCain Conference 2010