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Update Apr 2016

I taught my first session with Customs Border Protection Agency Leadership Institute on “Leading from the Middle” in March and they’ve asked me to come back and do that session with future cohorts, so I’m scheduled again in May and June. I’m leading All American Leaderships Reading Group – our last two selections were Mind Set by […]

New Website – a New Look!

Anyone who may have been here before will notice a new look and feel to the Fifth Factor Leadership website  The content is still in the tabs and is not significantly different, but I’m starting 2016 out with a new look and new energy! Happy New Year!

Update June 2015

It’s been a full year since I’ve posted here. I’m engaged in updating and improving this site, and getting some good help from my friend and colleague Isaac Mehl in doing so. Since last year, I’ve had the honor of being requested to deliver quite a number of Keynote presentations, have been continuing my teaching […]

The Fifth Factor

I finally wrote the essay that answers the question – why did you name your new company “Fifth Factor Leadership?”  You can read the essay by clicking here. The short (but incomplete) answer is “The Fifth Factor is good judgment built on experience and good character.” I have recently had the privilege of speaking at some great events […]

Developing Elite Corporate Cultures

I have recently revised the approach I take to speaking and consulting on leadership. Over the last 18 months, I have been applying my experience and lessons learned working with elite military units to the challenges of leadership in the corporate sector.  My experience leading a graduate program focused on Global Leadership in University of […]

Now it’s 2014

I’ve begun the new year with a bang and I’m looking forward to more great work, and building momentum for Fifth Factor Leadership during 2014. After speaking in Saskatoon and Regina Canada this fall, I got referrals that led to three engagements in Winnipeg in January for TEC Canada.  Great people and a great city, and being in Winnipeg in January reminded […]

So what’s new?

Last week, I was the guest speaker at the Naval Special Warfare SEAL Qualification Training graduation ceremony for class 297. After over 14 months for most, they are now qualified as Navy SEALs.  I gave the keynote remarks and then helped pin the tridents on the new SEALs.  Quite an honor – but I had no inflated sense […]

Article in Risk Management Magazine

Mike Richardson has been one of my mentors for several years – he is a former CEO of an International business, is currently a Vistage chair, has published a well received book on Business Leadership (Wheel$pin – the Agile Executive’s Manifesto), and runs his own successful consulting firm, Sherpa Alliance.  Mike suggested that he and I collaborate on an […]

End of Summer

Moving into the fall, the summer has flown by.  I just returned from helping to lead an Executive Leadership Expedition with the National Outdoor Leadership School, and in my most recent Bob’s Corner blog Unplugging to Plug in (which you can see under the tab ‘what I’ve written’ on the home pate) I offer my impressions after […]

Some lessons learned

Interesting, the disparity between speaking before a group of employees in a large organization (STRATCOM) and a group of CEO’s in a somewhat smaller group.  In the first case, it was a bit of a struggle to get the group to engage; in the second, it was a struggle to get through the main points of what […]