Bob SchoultzMy goal is to help energetic, thoughtful, and creative leaders step up their game to gain a competitive advantage and greater success in their respective industries.

During my 30 year career as a Navy SEAL, I have led SEALs all over the world and ultimately commanded all the SEAL Teams on the East Coast.   I am no stranger to leadership in high-risk, dynamic and uncertain environments.   I have successfully led small and large teams of special operators on short-fused missions deploying into uncertain environments in many parts of the world.   I have also served as a subordinate in much larger organizations, charged with influencing the direction and thinking of the organization and its leadership.  I understand the risks, challenges and freedom of leading small teams operating independently,  as well as the challenges and political sensitivity required to effectively work within a much larger organization with multiple interested stakeholders.  I am used to working out on the cutting edge, in uncertain environments, when the stakes are high.

Since transitioning from the Navy in 2005 I have studied and taught business, and have worked closely with business leaders.  I have found that my background and experience can provide game-changing insights to leaders seeking innovative approaches to meet long term strategic goals.  I specialize in helping leaders create a stronger and more resilient team with a greater sense of focus and urgency.  The result is a team which is better able to respond effectively to uncertainty and unforeseen challenges in the market.

See my biography and resume for specifics on my past.