Update Apr 2016

I taught my first session with Customs Border Protection Agency Leadership Institute on “Leading from the Middle” in March and they’ve asked me to come back and do that session with future cohorts, so I’m scheduled again in May and June.

I’m leading All American Leaderships Reading Group – our last two selections were Mind Set by Carol Dweck, and Bounce by Matthew Syed.  We are currently reading Originals by Adam Grant and we’ll meet (on-line) to discuss it in May.  It is very good – unlike many business leadership books which have one idea, Originals has a new idea every chapter.  Very well done and insightful. My reviews of Business Leadership books can be seen here.

Recently did a key note “A Warrior’s Story” for the Returning Warriors Workshop and I’m scheduled to speak at the California Employers Advisory Council Conference in May in Temecula Creek  on building an “elite” corporate culture.

I’m also staying busy leading the Old Frogs and SEALs organization and Professional Men’s Toastmasters in Mission Valley in San Diego.