The Fifth Factor

I finally wrote the essay that answers the question – why did you name your new company “Fifth Factor Leadership?”  You can read the essay by clicking here. The short (but incomplete) answer is “The Fifth Factor is good judgment built on experience and good character.”

I have recently had the privilege of speaking at some great events to include a Risk Management Conference in Austin, Tx, and to Routesmart International in San Diego, and I was invited to participate in a fascinating panel hosted by the Jack Kemp Foundation on ‘The American Idea’ in Washington DC. It was an invitee-only conference and I got to meet a number of luminaries from the world of political journalism – especially those who lean toward a more conservative political philosophy, such as Peggy Noonan, Bill Kristol, Garry Kasparov, Fred Barnes, and from the center left, one of my favorites, Juan Williams.

I go into the summer with a number of opportunities for Fifth Factor Leadership, as well as a commitment to write a chapter on Institutional Leadership for a book which will be entitled Riders on the Storm meant for public servants in other countries to help them manage counter-terrorism and other challenges to public order and the authority of their governments.

And I am preparing to help lead the week long National Outdoor Leadership School Executive Leadership Expedition in August. As of 1 June, we still have 3 spots available, and if you might be interested or would like to know more, please see the tab on this website.

One of the problems with living in San Diego, is that we have a summer pace-of-life all year long. When I lived on the East Coast (most of my life,) winter was a time to back down, stay indoors and rejuvenate, and then we would ramp up activity in March and April into a full sprint by June. Not so in San Diego. It seems most of us are in a sprint here, all year long!