Now it’s 2014

I’ve begun the new year with a bang and I’m looking forward to more great work, and building momentum for Fifth Factor Leadership during 2014. After speaking in Saskatoon and Regina Canada this fall, I got referrals that led to three engagements in Winnipeg in January for TEC Canada.  Great people and a great city, and being in Winnipeg in January reminded me that cold weather often brings out the best in people. I very much enjoyed my visit; it was -14 when I left Winnipeg and +60 in San Diego when I returned.  I have a presentation 8 Feb in San Diego for CCIM, a non-profit global professional organization for leaders in commercial and investment real-estate.  A few days later, I leave to instruct a leadership course for Wildland Firefighters in the Lassen National Forest for the National Outdoor Leadership School.  When I return, we are at the front end of spring and a number of new opportunities are filling up the calendar already.

After consulting with a number of people, I’ve changed the focus of my standard presentation from ‘”Commando Leadership” to  “Developing a Winning Team and an Elite Corporate Culture.”   Several people who had sat in on my presentations suggested that my focus is really on creating a great culture in a business, and that I address leadership is a means to that end.  Based on my career with the Navy SEALs, I argue that the sense of purpose, trust, focus and camaraderie that one finds in the best commando units can be replicated to a degree in business, and can similarly achieve great results.   In my view, the measure of really good leadership is in how well the team works together to achieve its goals, given variables in context, people, mission and specific challenges of a team.  I believe that a key function of leadership is to create and sustain a great culture in an organization.   I am excited about this shift in focus and direction – it feels right to me.

And I keep writing and submitting input to Bob’s Corner and elsewhere.   More to follow.