Some lessons learned

Interesting, the disparity between speaking before a group of employees in a large organization (STRATCOM) and a group of CEO’s in a somewhat smaller group.  In the first case, it was a bit of a struggle to get the group to engage; in the second, it was a struggle to get through the main points of what I intended to deliver, since they were so engaged, and wanted to run with each idea presented.

Finding that sweet spot between getting through the key points of my message, and letting the group explore and run with what is on their minds will be a continuing challenge, and will be different with each group.

May 2013 Update – What I’ve been up to

On 1 May I gave presentations to two groups at STRATCOM in Omaha Nebraska on Resilience in the Face of Uncertainty.  I shared with them some of how Businesses succeed in uncertain and chaotic times, and gave them some thoughts on developing more creativity in their organization.

On 3 May I was the guest speaker at a Balboa Internal Medicine Dining Out at the Marine Corps Base – that was a fun.  They wanted some edgy SEAL stories, so I opened with “So there I was, in a gay bar in St Thomas….”

This week I present to two of Mike Malone’s Vistage CEO groups on Commando Leadership – generating energy and a tribal spirit within your company.